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Handcrafted Resin & Glass Jewelry 

Story Behind Sabrina's Jewelry

Sabrina Logan specializes in Resin epoxy and utilizes her skill by creating unique and individualized pieces within her jewelry.  Additionally, Sabrina has begun to experiment with lampworking- "working with a hot flame and glass is both exciting and slightly dangerous. Making an art form with a risk involved is even more exhilarating." -Sabrina Logan  

Picture to the left:  Lampwork bracelet.  All beads individually handcrafted.

What sets her jewelry apart?

After each painting, Sabrina would pull apart beautiful dried up acrylic paint from her pallet.  She was compelled to find a way to real utilize what would have otherwise been trash.

Inside each resin pendant you will find small pieces or flakes from her acrylic paintings.  

Her thoughts behind what she thinks about when creating these one of a kind pieces?

"It's hard to explain but in a way I feel like during some stage or season in life we don't feel like we amount up or are good enough for somethings or someone.  So when I add these old acrylic flakes, it is like saying-You are good enough and can shine just like everyone else in your own way."

Allow for 3-5 Business days for shipping.  Jewelry also listed on Use search: Scenes By Sabrina Jewelry

Handcrafted Lampwork Bracelet
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